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COVID In The United States

Each state and county has a different system on how they are tracking, and distributing information on COVID-19. The CDC has a main Dashboard site for COVID. The picture below is from that page. 

For information on where your county/state are at,follow this link to the CDC COVID Dashboard site.


COVID California Colored Tier Explanation


A County must meet the case rate and test positivity thresholds for a specific tier for the prior two consecutive weeks in order to move into that tier. These are evaluated in percentages. The top left image is a map distinguishing which tiers each county in California are in. The top right image is a graph of current possible tiers. 

Where Yolo County is at:

Last Updated 1/25/2021

Yolo County is currently in the Purple tier, however our numbers are currently dropping. 

Yolo County is where the MMPA Office is located. Due to the current restrictions in this county, MMPA staff are working remotely.

69 Cases Reported 1/25

Total Cases for the county-




Total Tested in Yolo County-




Test Positivity Rate


From 1/10 - 1/16